Say hello to Patch, our newest addition.  He is approx. 14 yrs young, appy, gelding and green broke to ride. Sadly he has suffered from the same problem as so many appy's do which is something referred to as moon blindness in his left eye. From what our vet can tell he has lost his vision entirely in it. His right eye, however, seems to be working just fine. We have exercised him in our round pen and indoor and lunged him over some poles and he has done all of it easily. He does get a bit nervous in new situations and has a very keen sense of hearing now that his sight is limited. Our friend Myles Herman has been out to do 2 body work sessions so far on him and has commented both times on how kind he is to work on. Nothing major was found that concerned Myles other than some standard tightness which seems to be working itself out with Myles help quickly. 

At this time he is not safe as a child's mount but with some time and the right training he could be soon! He is large enough for a small adult to work on and ride. More pictures to come. Please email us if interested in visiting our new special guy! UPDATE. patch is now starting some regular work under saddle/bareback pad. His first sessions are going well. He is responsive and quiet. We will continue to update what he is learning/knows as we move forward.