Mona, is a dark bay miniature pony that is approximately 13 years old. Mona is a sassy little pony, with lots to say. She’s small but she’s mighty. She enjoys her days outside, and loves a good run around in the arenas. 

She is very good to be brushed, blanketed, and leads wells. She is good for the vet and farrier. 


Mona is not a riding or driving pony due to her delicate feet. Mona has cushings and must stay on her pracsend and a low sugar diet. 


Mona is a bit sceptical of new people at first but she comes around once she knows you. She prefers to have her one person and doesn’t enjoy too many people around her at once. She is ok with kids. Mona can’t be in a paddock with other horses unless they get along very well as she’s not a fan of most horses. 


Mona never fails to make you smile, she nickers when you come to see her and enjoys a good scratch. She’s a loving, sweet and kind pony once she knows you and deserves a good home where her needs are tended to and well cared for.