Massie is an est 7 years old and approx 42" tall. Massie is always on the move and likes to get out and about. She has gotten much better in the trailer, stands fantastically for the vet and farrier, clips, bathes (although spray bottles are slightly scary still), loves to go on walks and/or trail rides, ponys well off other horses, great around cats, dogs, good around horses but likes to be the boss and is full of all the sas and personality someone could ask for in a pony. And she is fully aware that she is all of that and a bag of chips! Started well on becoming a cart horse, does well in harness, used to blinkers, pulls a tire like she was made for it, and has been hooked up to a cart but not yet driven with one. She still needs a lot of work in the driving department, but is off to a great start and will be an amazing cart horse. Remi does great in hand, and was shown last year in a few halter classes placing consistently throughout the day. She needs a job where she will be in consistent work to make her the most happiest. She would excel with a youth looking for a challenge! Needs to be with other horses as she is herd bound and does pace. Once this girl has your trust, time, and patience, she will give you her entire heart back. She's very smart and if someone can direct her intelligence and energy into the right direction, you are going to have a wickedly fun horse!