Before you adopt a pony be sure you have done your homework!
Listed below are some essential items a pony MUST have to be happy and healthy

1. Good quality forage such as hay or grass daily. 
    (Amounts vary based on your Ponies needs, speak with your vet to determine what
    your Ponies needs are). 
2. A safe paddock or field that is completely fenced in and has no miscellaneous items 
    within it such as old equiptment or garbage. 
3. A warm dry shelter to escape the elements such as rain, wind and direct sunshine.
4. Access to clean water at all times.
5. Regular veterinarian care including dental work, shots and deworming.
6. Regular farrier care, including trims every 6-8weeks.
7. Regluar grooming, this also allows you to check your Pony for any new injurys or health concerns.
8. Excercise, taking your Pony for a ride, a walk, a playful run in a safe arena,
    giving them a chance to stretch their legs and see something different.
9. Companionship, Horses and Ponies are herd animals and must have a companion such as another
    Horse, Pony or Miniture.
10. Access to minerals (ie, salt blocks)
If you are unable to offer these top 10 requirements then adopting a Pony is not a suitable option for you at this time.
Volunteering or donating to a rescue is a great way to enjoy Ponies!

If you do have all these items and are interested in offering a Pony a happy and healthy life then please fill out our adoption form
and set up a time to come meet one of our amazing Ponies!!

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