Tiny Tales Pony Rescue Society is located in
Delta, B.C. Canada 

Tiny Tales Pony Rescue Society is a dream that began for us over 9 years ago. At that time we opened our boarding facility with the intention of using the property to rehome ponies in need. As of July 5, 2012 our dream has become a reality. Together our society proudly boosts four generations of horse (and of course pony) lovers which have the knowledge, facility, understanding, and hearts to help ponies in need find a new and exciting "Tale". Please help us by spreading the word to those who may need our help!
Our Mandate is to:
(a) Rescue and assist sick, injured, abused or neglected ponies.
(b) To promote the well-being, health and trust through proper care, food, kindness and love.
(c) To rehome the ponies after the mental and physical health has been restored to a caring, loving and knowledgeable home.
Tiny Tales Pony Rescue Society is located in Delta, BC.

For more information about surrendering or adopting, email or call

Tara - 604-328-9360